Hello!  I do believe summer has arrived, and it's done so with a vengeance.  Sunday morning was hot and sticky, so I pulled out my red patio set to wear to go with the liturgical colors for Pentecost.  I must say, I felt rather out of place in New England wandering around in a Southwestern-themed dress.  A few people looked at me funny out of the corners of their eyes, but nobody was bold enough to say anything.

Every time I wear this silver squash blossom-ish bracelet, I talk about getting new stones to replace the originals, but it never seems to happen.  Lately, all my free time has been poured into house projects, and when I do get out to look about for other things I've forgotten to bring the bracelet with me.  I'll do it soon, I swear!

Patio set: Picked up for a song on Etsy
Silver shell earrings: Grandma
Hair flower: Icing
Silver bracelet: Someone in the family
Pink petticoat: Evangeline's
Red pumps: Goodwill