Hi folks!  I've been a bit busyish of late and Doug has been a bit at loose ends, so he decided to take a stab at writing a post for my blog last week while I was at work & he was avoiding our swelteringly hot house.  I gave him some pictures from a while ago, he picked a few, edited them, and put together the post!

These are actually from the end of April, when it was still possible to wear black outdoors without combusting.  Frances was coming to Longy to see my chorus debut in the spring opera, and needed an outfit appropriate to the occasion.

One of the biggest differences between the Bay Area and our new Boston home is the sheer number of vintage clothing outlets here.  Back in the fall, while wandering through Cambridge after class, we happened upon Oona's Experienced Clothing, a cozy shop with a surprisingly wide selection.  I found a wool blazer that actually fits (not pictured here), and Frances was pleased to discover this black dress.

For a while after she switched over to wearing primarily vintage, Frances did not have a good working relationship with the color black.  It was very nice as an accessory to more exciting colors, of course, but proper outfits proved difficult to find.  Inevitably, dresses that looked just fine on the rack turned out to have an awkward fit, odd sleeve length, inappropriate use of sparkles, inexplicable holes in the back (or front), or were just plain boring.  The black-and-gold dress (featured in a previous post) was a remarkable exception to this pattern but was not, of course, solid black.  So when Frances went to try on this dress, she was prepared to be disappointed. 

This dress, however, just works. 
 The curved seam on the front and back is an elegant, unique touch that really adds to the whole outfit.

Colored accessories seemed like a good idea, so Frances decided to add green and gold to the ensemble.
The necklace and earrings are another Boston thrift find.  The necklace is at least as shiny as it looks here--it almost glows a little.  I think it is lovely.

 The ever-popular gold watch made another stunning appearance.

Frances went to the opera looking glamorous, and was possibly the classiest person in attendance.  The black dress was debuted quite successfully.   

Black bow: Icing
Black 40s dress: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Rhinestone necklace and earrings: An antiques shop in Newton
Gold watch: Grandma's
Black pumps: Savers

Well, what do you think?  Shall we have Doug write a few more posts around here?