The end of summer is such a tease.  Just a few days ago, when we took these pictures, the morning air had a decidedly crisp edge and our daytime walks were pleasantly breezy.  Now, of course, it's back to being absolutely stifling and humid, with no breeze to be found.  Today is off to a better start... perhaps it will cool down after all.

Doug took these photos of me at the park we usually walk at.  We went in the evening for better light, and I was (obviously!) a bit overdressed for a stroll in the woods, but I wanted to show off a few of my new purchases.  To be honest, I was having quite a bit of trouble picking out something to wear, and after sending a few partial outfits to Hannah she suggested this neutral dress and hat pairing.  After all, what are girlfriends for if not giving you suggestions on what to wear?

I very seldom wear neutral brownish shades, so I decided to pair them with bright red to add a little pop to the outfit and make it feel a bit more me!  Plus, this way I can highlight a few more goodies I picked up on my trip.  Most notably:  I now (finally!) have a pair of plain red earrings, which fill what was a major gap in my jewelry selection. And they're Bakelite, which always feels like a little extra vintage victory, especially when they're in the dollar bin of crummy costume jewelry.

On a side note... I, uh, chopped some length off my hair in frustration after getting back from vacation because sets weren't holding, so some bits of it may look... uh... funny?  for a while?  Yeah.

Linen-colored hat with lavender flowers: Antiques shop in Woodruff, WI
Bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk, WI
Red and metal necklace: Same shop as the hat
Linen-look dress: From Brittany's vintage stash clearout
Red bangle: Thrifted
Red Sofft pumps: Goodwill