I have one last set of photos from our travel adventures before we go back to business as usual around the blog.  We took an extra day driving home so that we could make a few stops along the way.  The first day we used up all of our extra hours in stopping at antiques shops (the successes of those excursions will be the subject of another post) and stayed the night with my aunt outside Chicago.  On our second day, we made Niagara Falls our goal.  Unfortunately, it took most of the day to get there, so we arrived at the falls just before dusk.

I was clearly insufficiently dressed for the occasion... I was unprepared for not only the chilly wind but also the rather aggressive perpetual mist kicked up by the waterfall.  We didn't stay for long... just enough to marvel at the falls and take a few pictures before it got really dark.  Then it was off for a cup of cocoa and on to our hotel before heading home the following day.

Black cardigan: gift
Striped dress: Found at an antiques shop in Wisconsin
Black pumps: Thrifted
Green purse: Present from Doug