Typical me, posting things all out of order.  Sometimes I forget to photograph sewing projects and then here we are over a year later and I'm showing you the prototype I made for a project I completed a while ago.  Still following?  Good.

A few years ago I blogged about a kimono I made with my mother when I was just learning to sew.  I had been using it as a robe around the house, but the slippery fabric never wanted to stay put when I tied it closed, and the sleeves were a bit cumbersome for daily activity.  So when my copy of Butterick 7461 came in the mail, I decided that I'd do the "test run" of the pattern with the fabric from the old kimono.  Kimonos, thankfully, use lots of nice large panels of fabric, so I took it apart and laid it flat on the floor to cut out the pieces of the dress.  They all came out quite neatly, with the exception of the skirt.... I had to piece a little extra fabric at each corner since the kimono did not have quite as full a sweep as the pattern at the hem.
Evidently I thought the pattern was a winner, since I made my huge fleece housecoat with the same pattern last winter.

I wear the robe a lot more now that it's been shortened.  And having buttons that fasten securely doesn't hurt either!  Still, the skirt has a tendency to slip open (a problem I also had with the full-length coat) so expect one more installment in the Butterick 7461 Chronicles still to come...

Dress: Butterick 7461, made by moi