As I mentioned in my last post, I have one more version of the Butterick 7461 housecoat to share with you!

I like the ease of dresses you can just step into for simple day-wear, especially if there's a chance of needing to get more dressed up later.  I wanted to make a version that could be worn out of the house more easily, for running quick errands or for wearing on holiday around extended family and such.  So I set about looking for a better outdoor fabric and solutions to some of the modesty problems inherent in the original design.


I found perfect fabric at the thrift store, a heavy cotton in a simple plaid pattern covered with ladybugs.  Since I had some leftover red fabric from making the shorts for the watermelon playsuit, I decided to go with the option to add a contrast collar facing.

The collar facing looked a little lonely on its own, so I drafted up some simple pointy cuffs to keep it company.

I also added the pocket on this version of the dress.  As with many vintage robe patterns, the pocket is quite expansive!  You could easily fit a small paperback novel in it, or (for the more modern gal) a tablet of some sort.  I put a band of red contrast trim along the top of the pocket, too, for visual pop, and did my best to match the pattern on the skirt for the body of the pocket.

To keep the dress firmly closed for outdoor wear, I added a few things.  First, I sewed on a snap halfway up the bodice to ensure that the top would stay put.  Then, I added two more buttons on the skirt below the waistband so that the top half of the skirt would stay closed instead of pulling open over the hips.  The new version still has a little of the wrap-skirt flare, but it stays closed at the important point, even in a breeze (or if I'm jumping around like a lunatic...)

Ta dah!  Overall, I must say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

Dress: Butterick 7461, made by me
Black vintage shoes of indeterminate era: Found at an antiques shop
Red bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk, WI
Black fabric orchids: Michael's