Yes, wedding bells!  We interrupt your regularly scheduled fall fashion for a bit of dress-up today, as I'm going to be jetting off to attend two weddings during October.  One is a simple small gathering, but the other is going to be taking place in a ritzy Florida beach town with all the bells and whistles.  There's going to be a cocktail reception on Friday evening for traveling guests, and then the wedding ("Black Tie Optional"!!) is on Saturday.  So of course, the question is... what to wear?

I set up my camera and took a few snaps of likely outfit choices, so you'll have to excuse the rather end-of-day hair and makeup in these.  I'm also not totally sold on the accessories I've paired with each dress.... so have a look and let me know what you'd choose for cocktails and the wedding, and how you'd accessorize it!

 Cocktails Option 1

The dressier cocktails option, this little 40s dress (see it again here) would be perfect and snazzy for drinks at a fancy hotel.  I feel like I should make it a little more festive by adding some color or sparkle, but I also would love an excuse to carry this adorable little velvet-and-lucite box purse I picked up in my Wisconsin travels.

Cocktails Option 2

For a slightly less formal and significantly more tropical option, I could wear this snazzy 60s sheath dress (previously here, here, and here) for cocktails.  As a bonus, I could probably travel in it too since it's pretty comfortable.  I clearly can't decide whether to accessorize with plastic or sparkles... both doesn't quite look right.

Wildcard Option

I could probably get away with wearing this to either Wedding Weekend event, but I don't think it's my best choice.  I may bring it along for my mom to wear in case she can't find something --don't worry mom and other readers... she's a bit smaller than me so it won't be quite as form-fitting on her!  I do think I'll wear this to the other wedding I'm attending later in the month though, as it's in a slightly more casual setting and California is not known for cool autumn weather.

Wedding Option 1

The mother-of-the-groom has assured me that most of the wedding party will not be in floor-length dresses, so this dress comes to mind as my fanciest not-black option.  It needs a petticoat, of course, which takes up some more room on me or in the suitcase when I fly, but that wouldn't be a huge issue.  I've paired it with purple here and I've done red before... some bold color seems like it would stop me from looking too wedding-y myself.

Wedding Option 2

This dress is probably the only of my floor-length formals that would fit the bill for this wedding... I have been assured that there will be guests in full length gowns, but I might feel a bit overdressed.  On the other hand, the dark sage color (which didn't photograph well at all!) would be perfect for an autumn event.

And so, dear readers, I value your feedback!  What would you pick?