I made it home!  There was a bit of a mix-up with travel times and days, but it was all settled quite uneventfully and I'm back with plenty of tropical pictures to share.  You might notice a bit of... repetition in my outfits from vacation, because I packed quite light for the trip.  One pair of shoes, one cardigan, three dresses... so the accessories are recycled quite a bit.

I settled on the Hawaiian dress for the Friday night cocktail reception, and I'm glad I did!  The more casual style fit right in with the other guests, and I was able to wear it on the beach when my trip was extended for a few days. 
And I got to carry my little velvet box purse for all of the evening events!  I picked it up for quite a steal on my trip to Wisconsin earlier in the summer so it was fun to be able to carry it around as my little evening handbag.

We stepped outside to take these pictures on the back patio of the house we  rented for the week.  Normally I take my own photos with a tripod or Doug helps by photographing my blog outfits.  I didn't pack along a tripod, and Doug was stuck at home... so my dad was kind enough to take some pictures for the blog!  As a result, I feel like the general atmosphere is a little sillier:

Aspen leaf hair clip: Made by me
Lucite drop hoop earrings: antiques shop somewhere
Bakelite, lucite, and unidentified plastic bangles: Thrifted
Black leather belt: Grandma's
'60s Hawaiian dress: Goodwill
Black suede pumps: Nine West, by way of Savers