And now for something completely different! 

To be entirely honest with you, I took these pictures almost a month ago and promptly forgot that I hadn't posted them until just the other day.  Oops.

I don't wear this bright blue cardigan or charming swallow brooch nearly enough... I always think that they "don't go" with other things I own.  Perhaps more blue jewelry or a brightly colored hat would solve that problem?  The sweater is awfully fuzzy (I think it's angora...) and quite warm, yet it always ends up at the back of the closet.  Hmm.

And, as a side note, it's funny how one's tastes change over time!  Looking at these pictures, I find myself thinking that this circle skirt would be a little more flattering if it hit just below the knee instead of just above.  And a good ironing wouldn't hurt, either.  What do you think about hemlines for vintage and vintage-ish styles?

Red straw hat with comical feather: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Blue fuzzy sweater: 57th Street Antiques
Blue earrings: don't remember...
Swallow brooch: Classic Hardware (here)
Navy circle skirt: Made by me
Red petticoat: Tatyana Boutique in Boston (formerly Betty Paige clothing?)
Red pumps: Goodwill