Oof!  Home again from another weekend of travel.  I know I have quite a lot of photos to catch up on now, but I wanted to finish up with the last batch of photos from Florida before moving on to more seasonal images!  Besides, it's dreary and rainy here this morning, so a little burst of tropical sunshine seems like a good idea.

Like most women living in today's very image-centric world, I was rather self-conscious about these photos and the idea of posting them, but I'm doing it anyway.  Swimwear always makes me extra aware of my body shape and how it differs from the catalog model norm... and it doesn't help that finding a one-piece suit that I can swim in that also looks halfway decent and doesn't cost a hundred bucks is a monumental struggle.  I found this one in the plus section of Forever21 at the beginning of summer (only bikinis available in smaller sizes, make of that what you will!), and while it is a smidge loose in some places it fits pretty decently in others and doesn't do that too-small-spandex digging in at the hips thing.  And, bonus, the torso is almost long enough!  I feel like every strapless or halter swimsuit I try on begins a losing battle to keep the cups up where they belong instead of around my waist!  But this one pretty much stayed put, and I was happy about that.
So yes.  I feel like the occasional swimsuit photo and the more-than-occasional selfie can be a good tool for body positivity and self-acceptance.  And I'm only posting the ones I like the best.  So there.

Hair flowers: Michael's
Bakelite & other bangles: Thrifted
Swimsuit: Forever21 plus section
(Edited to add....  this swimsuit was marked an XL and fits like maybe a solid medium.  If I actually wanted a larger size I would have been very disappointed in the sizing choices!)