As almost anyone who knows me can attest, I simply can't resist a bad pun or a bit of a kitschy theme.  So naturally when I learned I would be staying on Longboat Key for my cousin's wedding I knew I had to take along my novelty print keys dress to wear for travel and casual day wear.  Since we didn't get quite enough family kibitzing done during Friday night's cocktail hour, my extended family met up Saturday afternoon at St. Armand's circle for lunch and more chit-chat.

After eating a fantastic lunch, we did a little wandering around the circle to look at the shops, and I was sent to get more coffee for the beach house contingent since we had nearly used all of ours up!  So naturally I had to get a drink to try as well, as a sweet treat for after lunch and to fuel up for a few more hours of beachy fun before getting ready for the weekend's big event!


Aspen leaf hair clip: Made by me
Lucite drop hoop earrings: antiques shop somewhere
Bakelite, lucite, and unidentified plastic bangles: Thrifted
Black leather belt: Grandma's
Novelty key dress: Made by moi
Sequined sweater: Goodwill
Black suede pumps: Nine West, by way of Savers