Even though Doug and I have been living adjacent to Boston and Cambridge for over a year now, we still haven't done a lot of basic touristy things and there are plenty of shops that we haven't visited.  One such shop is a large Cambridge thrift store called The Garment District, notable for having sorted vintage clothing in one section.  Since I didn't have to go to work last Sunday, Doug and I met up after our respective church services for brunch and a bit of shopping.

I'm still making a valiant effort to expand my cold-weather wardrobe, so I was pleased to come across a few nice separates at Garment District as well as a dress that I think will serve me well for a variety of seasons.  The prices were a touch steep for a thrift store, but much cheaper than a dedicated vintage shop, so whether or not pieces were a good deal was mostly dependent on their condition.  I thought this 40s back-buttoned blouse was a good enough deal, so it went home with me... even though Doug was a bit confused by the  rhinestone broccoli.

I tried to go pretty much full '40s for this ensemble, which was a little outside my vintage comfort zone, but I'm happy with how it all turned out!  My hair was already starting to rebel against the misty fall air when I took these photos, but everything else worked out about as planned.

Bakelite earrings and bangles: Thrifted various places
Back-button 40s blouse: Garment District
Basic 40s skirt: Half of a suit from Etsy
40s pumps: Etsy