I've been trying very hard to behave myself and stop shopping before Christmas, but it's so tempting to browse through Etsy for a few wishlist items, and then when you find one at a reasonable price, it's awfully hard to tell yourself not to buy it because it will probably still be there in a couple months... and then when you find out you just happen to have money lurking in your PayPal account that you'd forgotten about, well...

Anyway, now I'm done shopping for myself until after the holidays!

It's been a very November-y sort of November, with biting cold some days and moderate weather others and plenty of wind.  The leaves are all brown and very bleak now, so I'm waiting with some impatience for the day after Thanksgiving at which point it will be socially acceptable to fill my living room with bright lights and sparkly decorations.

So, the suit!  I've been looking for a good black suit for quite a while now, and although I got one last fall that halfway fits (I still need to alter the skirt) I was hoping to find one that's slightly more era-ambiguous that I could pair with some of my larger and sillier hats.  So when I saw this one listed (wool felt, curly lamb details, lightly padded shoulders) I reviewed all of the measurements a couple times, crossed my fingers, and hit "buy"... and my little leap of faith was rewarded!  I'm not sure that I paired it with quite the right foundations on its inaugural wear, and I'm not totally happy with the fit through the hips (squish, squish) but it zips and it buttons and it's cozy and warm, so all in all I'm pretty darn pleased.  If I can find a suitable lightweight wool felt, I might make a second skirt to go with it that has a slightly more flared cut.

New York Creation hat with bird: Etsy
Carved bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk
Black wool felt suit: Dandelion Vintage on Etsy
Almost skintone tights: TJ Maxx
Black pumps: Goodwill