October really was the month for weddings!  Just two weeks after I got back from Florida we all headed off to California for the wedding of a dear friend from undergrad.  Traveling back into the summer months was a little bizarre after the weather had turned cold and blustery, but it was fun to be somewhere warm and dry (too dry, really) for a little while.

 We didn't just get to observe and snack on fancy appetizers at this wedding... the bride and groom conscripted all of their musician friends to provide the music for the ceremony!  An hour-ish of rehearsal (extended on suggestion of the Father of the Bride since the wedding party was still getting ready...) before the service started was all it took to assemble our rag-tag group.  Since the bride and groom met singing for a Latin Rite Catholic Church, we chanted the entire mass (at a pitch picked by a tenor, may I add...) in addition to singing two motets and a hymn.  We had certainly earned our dinner by the time the reception rolled around!

We snapped a few photos of our wedding guest finery while we were waiting for the bride and groom to wrap up their post-ceremony photos... hence all the goofy smiles.  It was a lovely ceremony.

Dress: Frank Starr, via Modern Millie Newburyport
AB rhinestone earrings: Thrifted
AB rhinestone necklace and bracelet: family pieces (maternal grandmother, I think?)
Gold belt: Borrowed from Doug's mom as I'd forgotten to pack mine!
Gold glitter pumps: Present from Doug