Looking back at these photos from a few weeks ago makes me so very thankful to have heat and hot water again, especially since it's been dipping below freezing at night.  These were taken two Sundays ago after adventuring up to Portsmouth to attend Concetta's Closet's first and fourth anniversary party.  I didn't win any door prizes, but I took advantage of the sale to snap up a hat (which you won't be seeing till it warms up again!) and this snazzy turnabout skirt.  I've been wanting a turnabout skirt for a while, so it was fantastic to be able to nab one from one of my favorite shops in a selection of my favorite colors!

(This is a more accurate picture of what it took to be warm indoors, but I suffered for the sake of fashion and blogging.)

I think turnabout skirts are fascinating from a textile standpoint... all the planning that goes into making a fabric perfect for a very specifically shaped skirt is amazing to me.  I'm technically wearing the "inside" out in these pictures, which is only evident by a very narrow and well-matched hem at the bottom. The top portion of the skirt bubbles a bit on me (drat you, hips) but I think its worth a little imperfection to be able to wear one of these nifty bits of fashion history.

I feel like this is also a good time to mention that sometimes I have help when I take these sorts of photos for the blog, and sometimes I set up my trusty tripod and wander around the room with my little camera remote.  Just keep that mental image in mind for the next picture... and I assure you I had lots of unusable ones!

Velvet and satin bow hat: Hmm... Etsy?
Side button turtleneck: H&M
Blue moonglow earrings: Thrifted
Wool coat with fur collar: Thrifted
Pendelton Turnabout skirt: Concetta's Closet
Purple suede pumps: Gift from Doug