Happy Monday!  I suppose technically today is Cyber Monday if you're in full holiday shopping swing.  I rarely do wishlist or shopping posts here, although I see them often enough on other blogs... somehow writing them is a challenge for me!  But I thought I'd get in the capitalist spirit today and share a little list of things I'd love to get for Christmas, if money was no object!

Let's start out with jewelry!

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I've always admired Erstwilder brooches, and although they're rather steeply priced here in the US it would be amazing to get my hands on one someday!  I love all the quirky and colorful critters, but I clearly have a soft spot for birds.  I heard they were thinking of doing a turtle soon, though...

Another jewelry maker at the top of my wishlist is Luxulite.  One of her confetti brooch & earring sets (clips, please!) has been on my Christmas list for a couple years now.  I have a couple of vintage brooches and confetti lucite pieces now, but I'd still love to fill out the color spectrum with one of her amazing handmade designs.

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Keeping on the accessories theme, I love the atomic pattern on this pillbox and cigarette/business card case.  A girl always needs a stylish way to keep painkillers handy in her purse, and I'm hoping to finally get around to ordering business cards for my blog and other projects in the new year... so a business card case would come in handy too!  And of course I love all things matchy.  They have these in a green and a yellow colorway as well with different art, but I keep finding myself drawn to the orange!

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Moving on to bigger pieces... More petticoats, of course, are always on my wishlist.  I'm most of the way around the color wheel now, so perhaps I should sew a few more basic circle skirts for myself!

CC09 1940s Reproduction Bra

My very tiny stash of vintage bras is getting a bit... well... worn.  So a reproduction from a brand like What Katie Did would be a huge help in my wardrobe.  The Bullet Bra Revue over at Atomic Redhead was a great resource for sorting out my options, and the CC09 looks like the best bet.  I'd still have to order a "sister size" to get into it, since bra options are pretty limited at the small end of the spectrum.

I'm on the lookout for some outer accessories as well... this stunner from Raleigh Vintage already sold to some other lucky lady, but I'm hoping to add a green 40s or early 50s hat to my winter collection and I'm looking for another red one as well.  I'd also love to fill a few holes in my glove rainbow: peach, forest green, royal blue, and brown are all contenders!

So there you have it!  I've got my own Christmas shopping almost completely wrapped up already, so I'll just have to sit on my hands or bake cookies until the 25th of December rolls around!  What are you hoping Santa will leave under the tree for you?