Wearing purple for Sundays in Advent is a lot harder than wearing purple during Lent... it's just not quite so festive feeling as reds and greens!  So last Sunday I opted for a more holiday-ish color palate of red, white, and cream.  Especially since it was snowing on and off through the morning and there were little teeny snowdrifts on the ground when I went out to take pictures.

The cream swing coat and the sable stole were both gifts, and every. dang. time. I wear the stole I get "What Good Would the Moon Be?" stuck in my head for a good portion of the day.  Ah, word association and the singer brain.

I have nothing else productive to say about these pictures other than that I absolutely loved most of the pictures I took!  The light and the colors just played so nicely together.  I feel like the sets I do for the blog are either meh or awesome and rarely do I get a set of pictures that are pretty good.  I even had a good hair day!  I think it's about time for a winter trim now, though, my pincurls aren't quite staying put the way I want them to.

Hat: Courtesy of FabGabs Vintage
Pin and earrings: Gift from Allison
Sable stole: Gift from the University Registrar
Cream swing coat: Gift from a parishoner
White sweater: Forever21
Red gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Red belt: Thrifted
Red pencil skirt: Thrifted
Red Sofft pumps: Goodwill