When I was younger, I really disliked most animal-print fabrics.  I thought they were weird and tacky and generally in poor taste.  And then at some point in the last few years leopard print started growing on me...

I've been working diligently on sewing up a suit in some lovely red wool in time for snowy weather, but when I finished the skirt the other day I couldn't resist putting it on and wearing it out right away!  And really, what goes with red better than leopard print?  It seemed like a perfect match.

Velvet and mink topper (worn backward): Concetta's Closet
Leopard print sweater: Target kids' section
Bakelite earrings: Antiques shop, Tomahawk WI
Mink collar: Etsy, don't remember where...
Red wool skirt: Advance 7745 (Via Atomic Hideaway)
Black pumps: Thrifted