I had two whole days off in a row (such luxury!) for my birthday, so Doug and I of course made the best of it by going out to do things both days.  Most of my birthday presents came in the form of "let's take Frances shopping" which was okay in my books!  We trundled out to Salem where I picked up a fantastic hat and ate a big lunch of Mexican food, and then we tried to go to a few other nearby antiques shops that were (as antiques shops so often are) inexplicably closed.

I was still feeling pretty festive but I didn't want to wear "Christmas Colors"... so I swapped out the red for a deep raspberry pink instead.  And, as you might notice... a year after making this dress I've finally replaced the buttons with a set of seven and sewed the waistline snap on.  Phew.

Raspberry wool hat: Modern Millie Newburyport
Green wool dress: Made by me, Butterick 9428
Pink rhinestone earrings and brooch: present from Doug, last year
1950s skirted coat: Etsy
Chelsea Crew heels: Modern Millie Salem