People had been making lots of comments about the lack of winter weather so far this winter, and apparently the weather heard us talking... because last Tuesday we had a blizzard!  Our whole household had an official snow day, complete with state-wide travel ban, so we were just forced to lounge about indoors, drink cocoa, and play games.  Clearly, it was just terrible.

 Of course, there's only so long one can stay inside when everything is blanketed in snow, so Doug and I walked (or waded) down to the park at the end of the block to take a few pictures of my new skirt suit in appropriately wintry weather.  It was blustery and cold, and since there were no clear places to stand I decided to pose on top of one of the park benches... totally logical, right?  Anyway, it was a lot of fun for us California natives to see so much snow all at once, and the day off was an added bonus.  Just don't talk to me about the shoveling for a while... I still can't get out my back door.

Hat and muff: Birthday presents from Doug
Coat: Etsy, last year
Red suit: Advance 7745, from Atomic Hideaway
Snow boots: Khombu, via Marshall's