More than a week after the fact... here's what I wore on Christmas Eve!  This year I only had one service to sing, and it started at the entirely reasonable hour of 7 in the evening.  After a little deliberation, I decided to wear one of my favorite vintage dresses that I avoid wearing at all costs.  It's not that it isn't comfortable and gorgeous and one of my favorite colors... but it's a struggle and a half to put on and even worse to get off!  That 1940s spirit of conservation makes for some very short neck zippers even on dresses with high necklines.

(If I look a little disheveled here, it's because these were taken when I got home around 10ish, after following up on a tip from a colleague about Indian restaurants being open on Christmas Eve and picking up dinner before I picked up Doug from his service and trundled home.)

I picked up a few sprigs of glitter stars at the fabric store the other day and have been wearing them whenever I can get away with it... and since none of my hats go terribly well with this dress, it seemed like a good excuse to bust out the glitter.  Again. 

Glitter stars: JoAnn Fabrics
Confetti lucite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin somewhere
Green wool dress: Raspberry Beret Cambridge
Gold wristwatch: Grandma's
Gold glitter belt: Target
Green Chelsea Crew heels: Modern Millie Salem