I am actually not in the pink.  I mean, I'm wearing plenty of it but in all honesty I'm rather under the weather.  I've got one of those nasty winter colds and I've nearly sanded my nose off my face with tissues.  In fact, the "sultry parted lips" face I'm pulling in most of these pictures is actually the "I can't breathe through my nose" face.  So, you know.  Winter.

I don't have an unlimited budget or brand sponsorship, so this blog sees a lot of outfit repetition.  Case in point?  This dress.  (Also, these shoes.)  Expect to see it styled with nearly every color possible at least once before the year is out.  I went with hot pink this time, inspired in part by a picture that Joanna (Dividing Vintage Moments) shared on Facebook involving a massive scarf worn as a belt.  I'm also loving how the black velvet bib detailing works for showing off brooches.

Pink wool hat: Modern Millie Newburyport, probably
Bow brooch and matching earrings: Present from Doug
Black and white wool dress: Modern Millie Salem
Pink pashmina scarf: Gift from Sara
Pink gloves: Gift from Granddad, found on Etsy
Fur and velveteen boots: Etsy