I feel like the next few days of outfit posts will be a pretty accurate chronicle of our comical and still-increasing quantity of snow.  New England really doesn't have the tools to deal with much snow at a time, and certainly not much snow weeks in a row... so things are a bit on the messy side around here.  You'll have to forgive the sad face in these photos... I was still recovering from my cold when they were taken!  Thankfully I'm just about better now and my nose has returned to a normal color....

Fur and satin hat: Antiques shop in Cayucos?
Grey coat: Weave thrift
Purple suit: Modern Millie
Moonglow lucite necklace and earrings: "Paton Baubles" courtesy of Allison
Grey scalloped gloves: 57th Street Antiques, probably
Grey overboots: Bought from Va-voom Vintage