I was rather proud of this little ensemble I put together for a bitterly cold day last week, and I meant to take real proper photos of it... but then, what with one thing and another, I didn't.  So, after a long day of tromping around, I took a few snapshots in the waiting area of the JC Penney dressing room while I waited for Doug to find some new black pants for work.

They're not going to win me any prizes, but they get the point across!  And I had to share something since I don't think this coat has made a blog appearance yet!  After my grandmother passed away, my aunts decided I should take her sheared raccoon fur coat from the '60s.  As I understand it, this coat went to church in high style on many a frosty winter morning.  There was also an anecdote about the coat, my uncles, and a raccoon tail which was somehow obtained and affixed to the back hem one morning without my grandmother noticing... that must have been a sight!

Style-wise, of course, it does not quite go with the 1940s suit and hat I chose to wear, but for warmth it is unmatched by anything in my closet and on the coldest days of winter, out it comes, decades be damned!

1940s felt and sheared beaver fur halo hat: Etsy
1960s sheared raccoon coat: Grandma
1940s suit: Etsy
Sixteenth note pin: Modern Millie
Cotton stockings: Modern Millie
Brown heeled lace-up shoes: DSW