I still don't know whether summer will ever come (we've got another month before we're allowed to plant things outdoors here) but just in case it shows up I decided it was high time that I make myself a turban that works for warmer weather.  Or warmer weather and the gym.  Fleece is just a little too cozy sometimes, you know.

cartoon scarf 1

Anyway, a little poking around later and I'd found this "dusting cap" pattern so off I went to the fabric store to find something suitable.  I actually didn't like most of the selection, but this comics-inspired novelty print caught my eye and with a perfectly sized "remnant" on the bolt as well as a sale going on, the whole project cost less than $3!

cartoon scarf 3

I ended up using my entire piece of fabric, and I'm glad I did since those extra few inches of length let me fake out a really good poofy bow to top it off.  I'm quite pleased with the end result... I think I might need a few more!

cartoon scarf 6

cartoon scarf 4

cartoon scarf 7

cartoon scarf 2

cartoon scarf 5

Comic print scarf: Made by me
Red bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Blue angora sweater: 57th Street Antiques
Grey skinny jeans: Imogene + Willie
Black leather boots: Clarks from DSW