Easter is almost upon us, but it still doesn't really look like spring here!  I still need to pile on quite a few layers to stay warm, and the snow on the ground hasn't melted yet (although a rain storm this weekend is helping a little).  All the same, I'm getting sick of the dark and heavy color palate of winter and am eager to be able to dress in something a bit lighter. 

Lent V outfit with purple mid century suit and rabbit trimmed coat

For last Sunday's ensemble, I opted to try to avoid black entirely.  This can be a little tricky for me, since two of my warmer coats are black as are most of my shoes, but with a little creativity I think I was able to pull it off.  Plus, I was able to wear my Irregular Choice shoes, which always garner me loads of compliments.

You'll have to excuse the slightly rumpled look, it's tricky to take pictures after having been in the car for a good bit and not getting to see a full-length mirror... the downside to having your man take pictures is that he tends to think you look great and not notice that your jacket is rumpled and you're making a funny face.  It also didn't help that the wind on Sunday was truly impressive!  We ducked into a little alleyway to take these without being too blustered, but that was a challenge.

White gloves with embroidery and cutwork

Back view of 70s-does-40s grey wool coat

Irregular Choice lucite heeled pumps and purple handbag

It was warm enough to go without tights, so I am afraid that my legs stand as a testament to things I have run into lately.  On the left, one of the steps on the assisted pull-up machine at the gym, and on the right... the dishwasher at work.

Closeup of fur collar and white silk roses

Lent V outfit with purple mid century suit and rabbit trimmed coat

Hair flowers: Made by me
Purple suit: Modern Millie
Grey wool coat with rabbit trim: Weave Thrift
Purple purse: Marshall's
White shirt with rhinestone detail: Garment District
White gloves with cutwork and embroidery: Gift from a choir member
White pumps: Irregular Choice