Okay, so maybe I'm getting a bit optimistic about it warming up.  Perhaps my mind is wandering to thoughts of outdoor barbeques and patio cocktails.  Perhaps I am daydreaming of warm evenings and fresh vegetables.  But hey, like they say... dress for the season you want, not the season you have!  What, that isn't the expression?   Well.  Hmm.

raspberry and lime 7

In all honesty, it was really nice to have a Sunday warm enough to go out in a rayon dress and a coat... it's been a while!  And I even got sprinkled on (with water falling from the sky in liquid state!) a bit while I was taking these pictures.  So exciting!
(As a side note, I swear my slip was in place all morning, but when I scampered out to take these pictures after lunch it had gotten dislodged.  Rude.  Plus I didn't touch up my lipstick after eating a big salad and I'm still sick.  Real life photographed here, guys.)

raspberry and lime 6

Also, a perfect excuse to wear my new-to-me chartreuse rhinestone necklace and earrings.  They were one of my gifts from me to me funded by Christmas money from my Granddad, and I love them.  They make a real statement, don't they?

raspberry and lime 5

raspberry and lime 4

raspberry and lime 3

raspberry and lime 2

raspberry and lime 1 

Green 1940s tilt hat: Modern Millie
Chartreuse glass and rhinestone set: Gift from Granddad by extention (from Etsy seller A Purple Palm)
Raspberry rayon dress: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Green gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Black pumps: Savers