February has been over for nearly a week, and all I have to say to THAT is good bye and good riddance!  I don't know about you all, but over here February was a pretty nasty month, and I'm glad to see it gone.  All the nasty weather makes retail therapy a really tempting option, too...  and I have caved in and gotten a few goodies.

yellow coat in snow 1

This fantastic coat was one such purchase.  It's not exactly my best color, and it's a little large for me, but as far as I'm concerned that makes it all the better for layering over winter sweaters when the temperatures dip well below freezing.  And, I mean... for 30 bucks on the sale rack, I wasn't exactly going to leave a princess coat!  I've actually been wearing it quite a bit, yellow and all... it's good for a bit of cheer in these grey dingy late winter days.

yellow coat in snow 8

And, although the era is wrong, the color gives me a great opportunity to wear one of the crowning jewels in my hat collection, which doesn't get out very much.

yellow coat in snow 5

yellow coat in snow 6

yellow coat in snow 2

yellow coat in snow 9

yellow coat in snow 4

yellow coat in snow 7

yellow coat in snow 3

Marion Valle' Original plumed hat: Antiques shop in Minocqua
Black earrings: Grandma's
Goldenrod princess coat: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Black gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Black fleece lined tights: Marshall's
1940s fur and velvet overboots: Etsy