I woke up the other day and as I looked for something to wear I realized that I hadn't touched this cozy flannel novelty print dress since I finished it!  I don't know what caused this oversight, but clearly the combination of fuzzy warm flannel and whimsical print is just right for these cruel and cold days at the tail end of winter.  It also reminds me a lot of one of my childhood heroes, Ms. Frizzle, so I decided to run with the theme and go for a bigger hairstyle instead of a smoother vintage look.  All I need now are novelty earrings and shoe clips, and maybe a lizard.

frizle outfit skirt

I also hadn't finished sewing buttons on this sweater that I finished before Christmas so it was about dang time to get it done!

frizzle outfit sweater 1

I did most of the knitting on this piece while traveling, and as a result I neglected to include the buttonholes while I was knitting up the fronts!  Instead, I ended up opting to sew on giant pop snaps to keep the front closed instead.  I have the perfect buttons floating around that I fully intend to sew over the funky bits on the top layer... but I haven't yet.

frizle outfit sweater 2

So you see... funky bits that could benefit from a bit of hiding.  But I love the sweater anyway, and I'm totally plotting another rendition in a different color and with some construction edits to avoid seams.  And maybe next time I'll even remember the button holes! 

frizzle outfit back

frizzle outfit sweater back

frizzle outfit sweater 3

frizzle outfit necklace

frizzle outfit 3

Sweater: Made by me, Cardigan Sweater 478
Novelty flannel spaceship dress: Made by me, Advance 5971
Green belt: Borrowed from another dress
Green lace up pumps: Chelsea Crew by way of Modern Millie
Chartreuse earrings & necklace: Etsy