What's in my purse?

One of my favorite things about reading blogs is getting a little peek into other people's lifestyles.  So when I saw Annie Pancake's post on what she keeps in her purse as an art student, I was inspired to take pictures to show you what I keep in my bag at all times!

The contents of my purse, laid out in a grid

Now, I did take these pictures just after I emptied out the 50 or so bobby pins that had made their way into my purse, but nine times out of ten I've got a few of those floating around too!  I of course have the standards: keys, wallet, emergency maxi pad (what, you don't??) as well as a few less standard things.  I tend to keep a little box with some medicine in it handy, and since I've been getting over a cold with a terrible lingering cough I've been keeping a bag of cough drops, too.

The makeup that lives in my purse: MAC & Maybelline lipstick, a vintage tourist compact, and a powder brush

Red lipstick is of course essential to vintage girl style, so I always have a back up of my go-to red (Maybelline Continuous Cranberry) in my purse.  The M.A.C. lippy was a gift from some of the gals I work with, and it's been living in my purse too, although I really should move it to my vanity because it needs a lot more pampering to go on nicely and stay without smudging.  I also keep a compact to see if my makeup needs a touch-up.  This is one of a few tourist compacts from my Busia, and it has a working sifter so I've put some loose powder in it... but I'm not a fan of the powder I chose.  Does anyone else keep loose powder in a vintage compact, and do you have a recommendation?

My new MOO business cards and their fancy holder

I also have a case of Moo business cards in my purse.  I finally ordered some for my blog after the Christmas holidays, and although I've not yet had an opportunity to hand one out I feel like keeping them with me at all times is a good idea!

Lush Helping Hands lotion

I've also gone to keeping a pot of Helping Hands by Lush in my purse at all times.  The chemical sanitizer we use at work is pretty hard on the skin, and combined with the dry winter it had really done a number on my hands.  Chapped and bleeding knuckles aren't a good look on a person!  My manager is a huge Lush fangirl, so I popped over to the nearest store and told them my tale of woe.  The price tag may seem a little steep, but a little goes a long way and the difference it makes is amazing.

My new smart(er) phone

And, of course, the all important phone for instagramming and keeping up with things while I'm out and about!  I've not had a smart phone before, so finally upgrading to a touch screen Android phone has been super nifty.  I do still have an iPod touch which, if we're being honest, is what I use for Instagram since it has better photo quality!

The purse & everything that was in it

And that's it!  What do you keep in your purse?