Ahh, summer.  The season when my color choices are either bold and sassy or reminiscent of dessert.  Clearly, today's post features an outfit of the dessert variety.

1940s raspberry dress with yellow accessories

I've been making an effort, as it warms up, to stay away from black from time to time.  This raspberry rayon crepe dress is one of my favorite base pieces for this new initiative, it pairs beautifully with so many colors and it's super comfy to wear... once I manage to put the dang thing on.  Ah, 1940s dresses and their lack of closures.  It's a love/hate relationship.

40s outfit details with flowers

Fair warning:  It was a beautiful day when we took these photos and a lot of them turned out pretty well... lots of pictures ahead!

40s brown tilt hat front

Yellow and brown definitely aren't what I think of as "my colors", but set off by a huge quantity of raspberry they look pretty darn good.  I haven't been wearing my lovely Erstwilder cockatoo brooch as much as I should (in part because I managed to break the replacement by dropping it while I was putting it on and need to re-glue the crest feathers and this is why we can't have nice things but I digress) so I decided to base my accessories around it.  I realized while I was putting this little ensemble together that I have no yellow earrings at all, so clearly that needs to be fixed.  I'm also completely devoid of brown pumps, so those will have to go on my vague shopping list too... but my new nude-enough Miss L Fires came to the rescue and made it all work.
Unlike last time, I picked a short-enough slip and added a girdle underneath to keep everything streamlined under the clingy clingy rayon, and I felt a lot better about how the whole thing looked because of it.  I did not elect to wear stockings with said girdle, which I later regretted because the beautiful warm weather resulted in warm feet and a couple good blisters by the end of the day!  Note to self: shoes which fit perfectly in 65 degree weather might behave a little differently at 85 degrees!

out of focus 40s outfit with flowers

40s brown tilt hat back

40s outfit detail with sheer yellow gloves

Sheer yellow vintage gloves with wrist ruffles

Embroidery detail on a raspberry rayon crepe 1940s dress

Erstwilder Cockatoo brooch on a 1940s dress

Spring flowers and blurred vintage gal

1940s raspberry dress with yellow accessories

Brown tilt hat: Modern Millie
Yellow flower necklace:  Etsy
Erstwilder Cockatoo brooch: Christmas present from Doug's mom
Raspberry rayon crepe dress: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Sheer yellow gloves: Antiques mall...?
Miss L Fire pumps: Modcloth (all gone now, sorry.)