I don't do adjustment to new places very well.  I've been in Boston almost two full years and there is a Greater Boston Vintage Society and last month I finally worked up the nerve to go to one of their events!

boston tweed outfit top

For my first foray into the Boston vintage social scene I ended up attending the Boston Tweed Ride.  Which, it turns out, is exactly what it sounds like and every bit as silly as one might hope.  I was just getting out of church when it started, so I met up with the group at their lunch stop and rode with them the rest of the way.  It fun to meet a like-hobbied group of people (and fun to meet internet-vintage-friend Shannon in person, who very kindly took a few snaps of me with my camera.  I didn't get any good ones of her, sadly...) and definitely fun to get on a bike again after not riding for a while! 
I don't own much (any?) tweed, so I went for a casual mid-century look instead that would look decent while still allowing me the range of motion to ride a bike.  I ended up renting a Hubway bike since I don't have one of my own here, and it was a great way to go, although the darn things only have three speeds and are geared a bit low for someone who has biked much at all.  We weren't moving very fast at any rate, about a hundred cyclists do a good job of closing down a lane of traffic, confusing pedestrians, and generally getting in the way.... which is an awful lot of fun to do in a city as crowded as Boston!  I hear that tweed rides are quite the rage, and I'd definitely advocate going to one if you have the opportunity, for the spectacle if nothing else.

boston tweed ride bike

boston tweed ride 3

boston tweed ride 2

boston tweed ride 1

boston tweed piano skirt detail

boston tweed bakelite

boston tweed outfit

Blue cabled sweater: Modern Millie
Bird brooch: Erstwilder
Bangles: Thrifted and various places
Red belt: Thrifted
Shoulder bag: Marshalls
Piano novelty print skirt: Etsy
Black low heels: DSW