Continuing the themes of silliness and doing things backwards, on an afternoon after I'd gotten home from work my parents decided they wanted to head to Minuteman National Park for a bit of a walk and a look at history.  Of course, we managed to start on the wrong end of the park and have all sorts of trouble piecing the story together since we were walking backwards, but it was still a good bit of fun.

Minuteman Park patriotic tourist outfit

I felt like an over-the-top ensemble in red, white, and blue would be appropriate for the outing, and since it was warmish that day I decided to give my new shorts from FabGabs a whirl.  Obviously, I kind of love them.  I'm an extremely pear-shaped person, so this is pretty much the first pair of not-homemade shorts I've gotten that actually fit, which is kind of a miracle.  Clearly their original owner had a similar figure!  I may need to take some notes on their construction to improve my current shorts pattern.

Red, white, and blue outfit details

And I know that sunscreen is good, but you know it's been a long winter when you're so pasty white that you mess up the exposure on your photos!  Now that I can actually spend time outside I'm bound to slowly become a little less reflective.

Vintage plastic lobster pin

Lilac blossoms at Minuteman National Park

Red and blue chiffon scarf turban

Minuteman Park patriotic tourist outfit

Minuteman Park patriotic tourist outfit

Scarves: Various places
Blue fuzzy cardigan: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Red shirt: Target
Stripey vintage shorts: FabGabs Vintage
Bakelite, lucite, and ?? bangles: Thrifted everywhere
Plastic patriotic flower earrings: Flea market in Wisconsin
Lobster Brooch: Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
Sandals: Crocs