I have a wonderful treat for you all today, a guest post by my dear friend Hannah!  You may already know her as @giltriddengal on Instagram, she's a stunning woman with an amazing vintage collection. I'm thrilled that she's offered to write a post for me!  I've been super caught up with house things, like refinishing an entire small room, so blogging has been pushed to the back burner, so it's a huge relief to have Hannah take the helm today (and maybe again in the future...).  Also her clothes are amazing.  I'm absolutely green with envy over the whole ensemble here today.  I mean really, she's spectacular.  And I'll let her take it from here...

Hannah in a novelty print 1940s rayon dress

Hello! I'm Hannah, sometimes known as Hatty, and I'm a costume historian currently embroiled in my last year of my MA in Costume Studies at NYU. Some of you may already know me as @giltriddengal on Instagram. Every aspect of my life, from work to school to my wardrobe, is marked and shaped by my love and passion for antique and vintage clothing, accessories, and textiles, and the history they carry with them. I'm thrilled to be given this opportunity by Frances to share a recent ensemble with you! All pictures, aside from the closeup of the print and earrings, were taken by my dear friend Ya'ara (@yaaronet on Instagram), and you can see more of our collaborative endeavors on my page.

Blue novelty print rayon dress paired with a red straw tilt hat

I'm a profound lover of 40s novelty prints, and the minute I saw this vibrant beauty from my friend Timnah at Created and Collected, I knew I had to add it to my collection. The print features whirling flamenco dancers and all manner of instruments and was a perfect match for a pair of sterling 30s screw back earrings I had lurking in a drawer.

1930s screw back guitar earrings laying on 1940s novelty print rayon featuring floral flamenco dancers with music notes, guitars, and tambourines on a teal background.

I rounded off the ensemble with a recently acquired red straw 40s tilt hat with a big creme colored flower which recalls the swirling skirts of the dancers, and a pair of simple modern sandals to pull out the black in the print.

Hannah models a music-themed aqua 1940s novelty print dress with a red straw tilt hat

Unfortunately, this time of year, especially in the New York area, is not ideal for wearing vintage. Most of my wardrobe is rayon and silk, and I maintain a great deal of caution so that I don't destroy these pieces of history with sweat and chemicals from laundering. I can't wait for the weather to begin to cool down and the humidity to decrease! As a creature of Autumn, I've spent most of the Summer loading my wardrobe with gabardine suits and jackets, wool felt hats, fur capes, and novelty knits, and I'm counting down the days till I can start sharing them! Hope to see you around this Fall!


Hannah rockin' it in a novelty print rayon dress