Not every day of my summer vacation was packed with fun and adventure... in fact, some days were quite sedate.  We got the full spectrum of Wisconsin summer weather options, so there were a few days where rain and thunderstorms kept us mostly indoors.  Even on stormy days, though, we made a point of getting outside between the showers.

Dock photos-1

One of the best parts of being up north is the amazing view we have of the lake and the weather on it.  When it isn't too hot or too wet or too buggy, it's really lovely to sit at the end of the dock to have breakfast or perhaps a pre-dinnertime drink.  When the weather is a little less accommodating, it's nearly as pleasant to sit inside at the big picture window with a large cup of tea and watch the fishermen and the ducks go by.  

Dock photos-3

I guess I got a little enthusiastic with my clothes choices for the trip after absolutely sweltering in Boston, but it turns out that northern Wisconsin actually gets quite cold, even in the summer, so I was glad I'd brought a sweater along.  If I'd been a little more pragmatic I might have brought a few long-sleeved shirts and a light coat!  As it was,  I mostly wasn't too cold... but I've got to remember for next year!

Dock photos-4

Dock photos-5

Dock photos-2

Dock photos-6

Dock photos-8

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Dock photos-10

Dock photos-9

Hair flowers: made by me
Blue teardrop earrings: Grandma
Blue and white taffy striped bangle: Thrifted
Blue sweater: 57th Street Antiques Mall
Sheer off-white ruffled blouse: Etsy
Pink patent belt: Target kids' section
Castle novelty print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Blue sandals: Crocs