A couple Sundays ago, Doug and I went out after church to Minute Man National Historic park to walk most of the length of Battle Road.  Now, I didn't go for a walk in my Sunday Best, but we did snap a few pictures of my church outfit before I changed into walking clothes.  The leaves had just started turning golden when we were there... We're just about at peak color now, though, so I'm hopeful we can get in another walk, perhaps this weekend.

I decided to go with an ensemble inspired by the colors of the early turning leaves.  I bought both the suit and the coat last winter.  The suit (isn't it amazing??) I snapped up from Sweet Bee Finds after seeing it posted on Instagram, and I found the coat on an end of season sale rack for $20.  Anyway, I bought them late, after the best opportunities to wear both pieces were past.  Also, winter does some rather rude things to one's waistline, so the jacket hardly closed when I first received it! Thankfully, when I went to try it on for Sunday morning it buttoned right up, and even after a bit of driving and a nice lunch of hamburger I was still so comfortable.   And I'm glad, because it's a really remarkable suit.  And both the suit and the scenery were so fun that we took WAY too many pictures here, and I couldn't pick just a few... so I'll stop talking now and turn you over to all the photos!

Felt leaves hat: Etsy
Carved bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
'80s Avon leaf pin: Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
Goldenrod princess coat: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Green 1950s skirt suit: Sweet Bee Finds on Etsy
Brown gloves: 57th Street Antiques, probably
Brown lace up shoes: Modern Millie