On a rather soggy day on our vacation, Doug and I trundled out to the flea market in Boulder Junction.  Clearly, the rain and my hair were not getting along, but I am not one to pass up an opportunity to get  dressed, so I put on my sweater and a giant velvet hat I bought on a previous outing and headed out.

Flea Market Outfit-1

I think that the wet weather must have kept a lot of the vendors away, too.  Especially with the other big Northwoods shopping opportunities, it seemed like people had decided to cut their losses and stay dry for the day!

Flea Market Outfit-5

Doug and I made our rounds pretty quickly and didn't buy much.  I did pick up two women's magazines for a couple dollars each, one from right before the end of World War II and one from right after.  These are the first vintage magazines I've bought so I'm excited to have a look through them and see if they'll provide any fodder for the blog.

Flea Market Outfit-2

Flea Market Outfit-6

Flea Market Outfit-8

Flea Market Outfit-7

Flea Market Outfit-4

Flea Market Outfit-3

Giant black velvet hat: Booth at Musky Days
Sparkly pink umbrella brooch & earrings: Antiques mall in Wisconsin, last year
Zipper back sweater: Forever21
Castle novelty print skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Blue strappy sandals: Crocs