As I mentioned last week, doing just about anything after church usually necessitates a costume change.  So when we went to Battle Road, I packed along a pair of casual boots, jeans, and a shirt to wear for walking. 

Combined with my long yellow coat, the whole combination felt a bit swashbuckler-y.  I got the western shirt from Sara (you may know her as @iliveinmylab on instagram) when I bought some goodies from her after she broke her closet with the sheer quantity of stellar vintage she owns.  Yeah, I know.  She offered to throw in the shirt since it needed a new home, and I took it because why not and it was too silly to pass up.  The heavy fabric is perfect for all sorts of outdoors activities, and I love how delightfully out of place the western style is here in New England.

Goldenrod jacket: Oona's Experienced Clothing
Red western shirt: Gift from Sara (@iliveinmylab)
Grey jeans: Imogene + Willie
Black boots: Clarks via DSW
Orange carved bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Gold wristwatch: Grandma