I always like wearing my silliest has to church, but there are some limits... it's important to make sure you can still put on your surplice!  I almost got stuck taking mine off after service was over, but I managed to get through eventually with the hat still in place.  I've run into the same problems with fitting petticoats or shoulder pads under the robes the choir wears, too... the former makes me feel a bit like a stuffed sausage and the latter makes me feel a little like a choral linebacker.

I can't wait for the weather to properly crisp up for winter... it's still in that cold-and-damp place, and on Sunday it was vaguely spitting rain most of the morning.  If I look a little deflated in these pictures, that's why!  Pincurls and soggy weather are not friends.  My mildly startled face in this next picture might also be a result of the chilly weather.  Well, that and maybe one cup of coffee too many.


Black ruffled hat with curled blue feathers: Etsy
Confetti lucite Coro earrings: Gift from Allison
Black coat with sparkle hem: Wilson's Leather Outlet
Giant pinecone brooch: Gift from Hannah
Blue dress with faux lamb collar: Modern Millie
Black stretch belt: H&M
Light blue gloves: Probably 57th Street Antiques
Black loafer pumps: DSW