This is going to be one of those posts with a slightly unreasonable number of photos.  I tried to narrow them down, I swear, but I just needed to show you the wonderful ridiculousness that is this hat from every possible angle.


I made a spontaneous stop at Raspberry Beret after church the other Sunday to kill time while I waited for Doug to get out of his service, and the second I walked in I spotted this amazing golden confection perched on a hat stand.  Naturally, I made a beeline for it, nabbed it off the hat stand, and carried it around the shop with me while I checked to see if it had any friends.  I'm pretty sure my shopping companion (a dear friend who is a very stylish but very modern lady) thought I was a bit nuts as I triumphantly handed over the $25 to claim my new hat... tiny absurd toppers in bright gold with feathers, sequins, and veiling aren't exactly in vogue for 2015!  But for me, it was perfect.

I'm also pretty pleased with the suit, a new purchase since I happened to see it go on sale for half its original list price.  I mostly bought it because I really need some new skirts that fit my hips, and I was a little concerned about how the jacket would look on me... but now that I see it in photos, I think it's pretty good if a bit aggressive with the shoulder pads.  I was worried it would be too roomy, but if I wear my most padded bra (and I do mean most padded, one of those insane Victoria's Secret things)  it looks pretty darn good, I think, and the little bit of extra ease means I can wear it over sweaters for a different winter layering option.

Incredibly silly yellow jersey 1940s tilt hat: Raspberry Beret
Carved Bakelite earrings: Antiques shop in Tomahawk, WI
'80s Avon maple leaf brooch: Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
Brown 1940s suit: Simply Vintage Boutique on Etsy
Goldenrod sweater: Target
Lace up Chelsea Crew pumps: Modern Millie (Royal Vintage Shoes has 'em in burgundy)