Our weather has been a bit up-and-down over the past few weeks.  Although we've had a frosty morning or two, quite a few days have been up in the 70s, and as a result I am not quite ready to give up on my cotton skirts!

To make up for the unseasonable skirt, I decided to pair it with one of my black jackets.  Okay, there may be other motives at play here too... as much as I love 1950s jackets and the nipped waist silhouette, the accompanying skirts rarely fit me!  Since I'm much more bottom-heavy than the ideal 1950s fashion figure, any suit with a jacket small enough to be flattering on my upper half ends up being cut far too narrow through the hips.  I mostly avoid the problem by purchasing suits with fuller skirts, but every now and then I purchase something with a pencil skirt and immediately regret it.  So the skirt for this jacket is in my sewing basket until I can do something to make it fit.  In the meantime, the mix-and-match look is pretty effective, I think!


Red swirly hat: Fabgabs Vintage
Lobster brooch: Wakefield Uncommon Antiques
Black jacket with curly lamb trim: Etsy
Harlequin print Jenny skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Black loafer pumps: DSW