At the beginning of the summer, an exchange with the lovely Julie of FabGabs Vintage resulted in this fantastic novelty print sweater arriving on my doorstep.  It was entirely too warm to wear it then, and it needed some mending, so it wallowed in my sewing basket for the summer.  Naturally, when I went to meet a piano acquaintance for coffee I had to bring it out for its fall debut. 

When Julie sent it to me, I knew it was a little worse for the wear.  I assured her that I would take good care of it and and give it the repairs it deserved, and I think I've done it justice. After searching high and low for matching yarn to repair it with, I sacrificed the bottom half-inch of the ribbing to darn the moth holes scattered across the bust and sleeves.  Darning is tedious work, and I spent quite a lot of car-hours on our road trip this summer painstakingly repairing the little stitches the moths removed.  But the end result is oh so worth it!  (...even if I could probably do a little more reinforcement and block my mends flat again.  Soon.)  On the way to my coffee date, strangers stopped me in the street to compliment my sweater.

The biggest repair is just above my wrist, a good two inch stretch of missing stitches.  It still stands out a little because it needs blocking, but I feel like the result is pretty near invisible.  I do need to go back and replace a little of the white stitching on some of the music notes, since I did my initial darning only in blue.  But it's just so good and I'm incredibly happy that I was able to restore it to a sturdy and wearable state.  And I'll probably be wearing it a lot, as that obnoxious music person who is determined to wear appropriately themed novelty prints at every opportunity.

Confetti Lucite Coro earrings: Gift from Allison
Novelty piano sweater: FabGabs Vintage
Black stretch belt: H&M kids' section
Black quilted velvet circle skirt: I... don't remember?
Bright aqua Malco Modes petticoat: Gift from Whitney
Black loafer pumps: DSW