I've been trying to stretch my color boundaries this past year, and I think it's working... although sometimes it means I come up with combos like this which work because my hat matches my shoes and I say so dangnabbit and not because they're actually advisable combinations!

Look, you take pictures after sitting for the better part of two hours.  Your skirt would be wrinkled too.

...Which is how I ended up wearing a purple suit with a grey blouse and gloves and brown shoes and hat.  I'm actually pleasantly surprised with how well it all came together.  Plus, it gave me an excuse to wear the sparkly purple brooch I picked up over the summer to proper effect.  To be entirely honest, the only thing I don't love is the shoes!  I know you've seen them a lot lately, because they're my first proper brown pair and they're comfy as all get out but something about the hidden platform and shape of the shoe makes my honkin' size 9 feet look even more boatlike.  Will I keep wearing these shoes?  Of course.  But I don't think I'll be buying any more of the same style...

Speaking of shopping, it's definitely time for some new vintage or reproduction foundations... modern is all fine and dandy in the summer, but come fall all of my suits and sweaters are looking a bit... deflated.  If I have any success, I'll let you know.

Brown frilly hat: Instasale from Flashback Summer
Grey ruffled blouse: Modern somewhere
Purple suit: Modern Millie
Purple rhinestone earrings: From Allison
Rhinestone violin family brooch: Antiques store somewhere between home and Wisconsin
Grey gloves: 57th Street Antiques
Brown Chelsea Crew shoes: Modern Millie