I don't always have the time or energy to dress up in the high-fashion styles of the 1940s and 1950s.  In the winter, my casual uniform tends to be separates.  A warm skirt and cozy sweater are about what I can muster after an 8 hour day at work.

Usually, I would tuck my sweater into my skirt for a more finished look, but this Pendleton Turnabout (or similarly styled knock-off) has a very long waist, and it bunches unflatteringly over my hips due to my body shape.  I like it way too much to let that dissuade me, though, so I just wore the sweater over it instead to disguise the rumpled bits.  Maybe not the most flattering look ever, but I was warm, which is what counts!

I took my cup of tea outside to keep me warm for photos while we tried to catch the last rays of cold afternoon light.  I've accidentally collected quite a few of these Starbucks "You Are Here" collection mugs.  As far as I'm concerned, they match my dishes, everyone knows what mug they're using, and they're the perfect size for my tea infuser and coffee press.  I picked the Boston mug for photos... the colors were right and it seemed somehow appropriate!

Blue cashmere cabled sweater: Modern Millie
Blue Turnabout styled plaid skirt: Concetta's Closet
Grey striped tights: ??
Black loafer pumps: DSW