In spite of the ever-shortening days and dropping temperatures, I'm not quite ready to give up on my novelty skirts.  Sure, I might have to take pictures in the afterglow of sunset and glare of a street light at 4 PM, but I'm still wearing my cotton skirt, gosh darnit!  Sure, I've had to make a few changes from how I styled this in the summer, but I'm making it work!  I swapped out the peasant top for a sweater with a long-sleeved thermal undershirt and added some tights and I'm ready to make this skirt last me a little longer into the winter. 

The only downside to cotton skirts with tights?  They stick.  I guess that's a sign that I should wear a slip...

How late into the winter do you stretch your summer clothes?  What are your favorite winterizing tricks?

Comically large chartreuse moonglow lucite clips: Island City Antiques
Black zip-back sweater: Forever21 (really.)
Bakelite bangles: Thrifted
Mary Blair Commuter skirt: Pin Up Girl Clothing
Grey sweater tights: Gift?
Black loafer pumps: DSW