Well, I was trying to avoid doing two shoe posts in a row, but when a person gets new shoes, a person is inclined to immediately put on the new shoes and wear them everywhere.... so the only other pictures I got last week featured other new shoes.

I've been eyeing the "Victoria" Carriage boots on American Duchess (and now on Royal Vintage Shoes) ever since Lauren released them last winter, but couldn't quite justify the purchase.  But, with winter approaching again, I wanted to add another vintage-appropriate boot to my collection that I could wear when I didn't want to bother with wearing shoes and overboots.  The look of the overboot, if you will, without the layering.  Victorias are styled for the 1860s-1920s, and with a little bit of stretching they work for a 1940s/50s look.  I did a little searching and did find some 40s and 50s overboots with little or no divided heel, so that seems plausible enough.  They're a little taller in the ankles than the 40s version, to be sure... and the lacing method is definitely different.  I plan on experimenting with some other lacing options for a more midcentury look.

I really like these.  A lot.  The velvet outer and quilted lining makes these remarkably warm boots for their light weight, and the mouton fur trim is a beautiful finishing touch.  I find that these run true to size, and the size 9s fit me perfectly and were comfortable from day one with no real need to be broken in gradually to prevent blisters.  My only quibble with them is that the tongues on the boot could use to be a little wider, with nothing to hold them in place they do want to wander off to the sides a bit.  I've given them a couple coats of waterproofing spray to protect the velvet from winter weather, and I've got some rubber sole material in the mail to layer over the leather soles for better salt and ice resistance... because while leather soles might be accurate, they're not going to stand up very well to modern winter conditions.

A little bird told me that the Victoria boots would be coming to Royal Vintage Shoes some time soon, and I'm sure you'll see them again and again on the blog this winter!

You may also recognize this look as a variation on the winter uniform from a few posts back, in a different color scheme.  I just picked up the pink Pendleton skirt and am quite excited to add it to the rotation, since raspberry is apparently one of my unofficial winter colors.  It's a nice alternative to red when one doesn't want to look too festive.

Bright raspberry hat: Modern Millie
Pink rhinestone pin and earrings: Valentines' gifts from Doug
Black 1950s sweater: Modern Millie
Pink Pendleton Turnabout: Modern Millie
Grey tights: Christmas gift a few years ago?
"Victoria" carriage boots: American Duchess / Royal Vintage Shoes
I purchased these shoes at a discount in exchange for images and a review