• Get Me to the Church on Time

    So you may have noticed that my blog posting has been a bit… erratic of late. Some of that was due to my recent career change and all the extra coordination that entailed, and some of my blogging absence was due to another big life event: I got married to my love on Saturday!

    A couple stands on the steps of a church, holding hands. She wears a 1950s wedding dress with gold petticoats and gold shoes, he wears a light grey suit.

    I got some previews back from our amazing photographers, Novella Photography on Tuesday, and I wanted to share a few pictures with you all before I disappear again for a bit. When I get the rest, I’ll do a proper run-down on the day, but for now I just wanted to let you all know what was up, and share just a few pictures of our wonderful and very happy day!

    A bride and groom stand in front of a priest at the altar of a church.

    You’ll have to click through to see the rest! We definitely lucked out with weather, although it was cloudy and grey all day it didn’t rain at all while we were outside!

  • All the Colors

    I’ve started doing a monthlong vintage challenge on Instagram (#thevintagefashionchallenge) that consists of a series of prompts to share a bit about one’s vintage collection and inspiration. Today’s prompt is favorite color, so I thought I’d share this outfit on instagram and here on the blog.

    Purple 40s suit paired with chartreuse and hot pink

    I tend to say that my favorite color is all of them, but if pressed, I have a particular fondness for green, especially the really terrible shades. Purple is another longtime favorite, and I’ve recently become rather fond of aggressive raspberry pink.

  • Of Hats and Uncooperative Weather

    Spring in New England is lovely, but the weather is rather… fickle. I’m eyeing the forecast for this weekend and ordering up a couple large umbrellas on Amazon Prime in case it decides to be torrential downpours. I’m REALLY hoping it doesn’t do that, but a 60% chance of rain and Murphy’s Law probably means it will!

    1940s outfit with a brown suit, chartreuse blouse, and forest green tilt hat and shoes

    These are pictures from much earlier in the spring on a rather windy day (as you might be able to tell by all my very strange faces and rumpled clothing) but I like the outfit and too much to skip sharing it just due to a little wind!

    1940s green wool tilt hat with feathers paired with a chocolate brown suit and chartreuse blouse

    And speaking of wind, I did come into a bit of a windfall of hats this spring, including this one.

  • In My Sunday Best

    Religion and politics are, naturally, things that a person tries to avoid discussing with strangers. And in a way, all of you lovely readers are strangers… at least, although you may know me (or the bits of a character of me that writes this blog), I certainly don’t know all of you. And I am always hesitant to write much about my church singing for fear of appearing dogmatic and offending half my readers or appearing mercenary and offending the other half.

    1940s novelty dress accessorized with a straw and feather tilt hat and black pumps

    I think though, religious affiliations or lack thereof aside, we can agree that in America there is a strong association between Easter and Big Hats. I still haven’t picked out my Easter bonnet at the time of writing this post, so I’m sharing the hat I wore last week, which I think is quite worthy of the occasion and which I would not hesitate to wear on Easter Sunday except that I wore it last week.

    A New York Creations tilt hat with towering feathers is a perfect finishing touch with a vintage 1940s novelty print dress in shades of aqua and tan

  • A Ray of Sunshine

    I’ve probably mentioned a time or three how yellow really isn’t my color. I’m not terribly sure about it in general, and I’m definitely suspicious of it in large amounts.

    Midcentury late winter outfit featuring a tawny yellow overcoat, black jacket, gold dress, and black bag, hat, and shoes.

    So naturally when SweetBeeFinds previewed this sunny yellow jersey dress on Instagram I immediately wanted to buy it… even though it is yellow, and a LOT of yellow. I think the perpetual dullness of winter is to blame… after months of brown and grey dead stuff with no snow even on the ground to pretty things up a person starts to want a little color!

    A goldenrod yellow vintage jersey knit dress with a row of buttons down the front is set off by a black blazer and a lucite large scimitar brooch

    As you can see, the one change I did make was to remove the linen and lace collar and cuffs from the dress. Don’t worry, they’ve been labeled and saved for the next owner, but on me they did the dress and my complexion no favors.