Changes around the blog & a personal challenge

Hello lovely readers!  The semester is nearly over, so it’s time to pick up some new projects.  I won’t be in school next year, although hopefully I will be employed, so I will be trying to bump up the blogging… maybe to nearly every day!  We shall see.

I’ve been trying to lose a few pounds for the past year or so… unfortunately, my love of tasty things tends to get the better of my attempts at self control.  Some of the nail polish community tried to get together for a weight loss group, but after the initial month or so, a lot of interest dropped off.  BUT!  Julie of FabGabs is doing a weight loss challenge, which involves posting weekly weigh-ins and at least three outfits a week, and I’m going to get on board with that.  Telling the blog what I’m doing with weight loss and exercise will definitely give me some accountability!  So… I think my goal will be to post three outfits and three nail designs a week, with a day off… unless I have something else to post.  Since Julie does her weigh-ins on Wednesday, I won’t be doing a “Works for Me Wednesday” post every week, but I hope to keep that feature around.

So… intro weight loss post!
I’m starting at 144 pounds and a 27″ waist.  My goal is 120 pounds… and we’ll see what my waist size ends up being!
(I’ve been calorie counting with MyFitnessPal for a while, so I’m using last Wednesday’s weight as my starting weight, to be fair, since weigh-ins are on Wednesday.)

(please forgive the blurriness)
Dress: McCalls 8457, made by me
Bangles: Various
Belt: H&M
Shoes: Reflection
The starting outfit!  I admit, this photo is from last week, but I was wearing exactly the same thing today.  I’m going to make an effort not to repeat entire ensembles too much, but it may be difficult.  Ready, set, go!

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