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NOTD: A Gradient of a Different Color

Good morning!  Today I have another gradient manicure for you…. I seem to have caught that gradient bug that’s been going around.  I was wearing Butter London Lady Muck for a few days on its own, and once it started chipping, I added a gradient with ORLY (yarly) Galaxy Girl.  I wasn’t really able to capture the pink flash of Galaxy Girl in my lightbox, but it was there in person!

Unfortunately, I managed to smudge the polish on my middle finger, and my thumb and index fingers are chipping because I’ve been sewing a lot lately.  Oh well.  I guess I’ll just have to replace them with a different gradient…

Here’s the requisite bottle picture.  I think this is the most color accurate… my lightbox was not happy with the blue background, I guess.  I did this gradient with both gradient-ing techniques…  I used a kitchen sponge and did one layer where I combined both colors on the sponge to make the gradient, and I did a second layer only sponging Galaxy Girl over the tips.

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