Week 1.2: Wednesday weigh-in and a bracelet of mysterious origin

Whew, the hard part of the week is over!  And of course it is Wednesday, so let’s get the weigh-in out of the way (weigh?) first:
Current Weight: 140.6 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 144 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date: 3.4 lbs

Well, that’s a little deceiving!  I’m not sure that I’ve really lost so much in a week, since my weight fluctuates so much, but it feels good to post it anyway.
Also, to address concerns:  According to the BMI calculators, I can go all the way down to 115 lbs for my height (5′ 6″) and still be within the “healthy” range, so I think 120 is a perfectly realistic and healthy goal for me.  I am also extremely pear-shaped: almost all my fat is below my waist and above my knees.  Swirly full skirts are liars!

Anyway, yesterday Boyfriend had to sing his last voice jury (sort of like a mini-audition for the faculty) to be allowed to sing his Senior Recital in the fall.  Since I’m singing a duet with him, I figured I should look at least moderately presentable too.  I got him to take a few pictures of my outfit (and my less-than-entirely-successful curls) outside while we were waiting.  My skirt isn’t really that poofy… I only liked the pictures where I was spinning.  Something about circle skirts makes me want to twirl.

I’m hoping someone who knows something about vintage jewelry can help me figure out what my bracelet is— it doesn’t have any markings on it.  I asked my mom about its origins yesterday, and she remembers that it used to have round, flat, mint-green stones set into the top of each flower.  I’m sure they were all gone by the time I first saw the bracelet, as I have no memory of them.

I also just got new glasses (yay!) as my old ones had finally begun to fall apart after four years.  I like the blue frame contrast and the little cutout hearts on the side… and of course vision is also a lovely thing.

Shirt/ belt: Ross
Skirt: Basic circle skirt, made by me
Petticoat: Evangeline’s
Shoes: Reflection
Bracelet: Originally my mother’s
Earrings: from my Busia (grandmother) I think

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